The Illumination Flame


Metaphysical/Spiritual Understandings

"Encapsulated Wisdom"

 Some of the core Concepts of Bashar
from the Essassani civilization
             as channeled by Darryl Anka

 Some of the core Concepts of Elan
          from the Essassani civilization
              as channeled by Andrew

 Some of the core Concepts of Ektar                         
          from the Essassani civilization
              as channeled by Jamal Johnson

 Concentrated Summary of the Teachings of Abraham
              as channeled by Esther Hicks

 Some of the core Concepts of Richard Lee McKim  

 Concentrated Summary of the Teachings of Seth
              as channeled by Jane Roberts

 Keep your Attention on the End Result
              by Frederick Dodson

 Comparing 3rd & 4th Density Personal Relationships
               This is a chart based on Lyssa Royal's channeling
               entitled "4th Density Relationships"
               from the Pleiadians Germane & Sasha.

 A Technique for Manifesting in 3D by The Hathors
              as channeled by Tom Kenyon

P'taah:   "Transmutation" Formula
               for Transmuting Pain &Agony into Ecstasy, as channeled by Jani King

 Galactic Family, An Overview of Genotypes
Quick galactic over-view of the various extraterrestrial contributors
               to the gene pool which has resulted in "humans on earth".    
               Channeled by Lyssa Royal

  The Insights from "The Celestine Prophecies   
Summaries of the Insights from the book by James Redfield.

  Walter Russell charts
               Correlating the Concepts of Universal Forces
               from a "visionary" that's "been there"!.

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Frederick Dodson has a great book:
                    "Parallel Universes of Self"

which is yet another excellent angle on this Bashar-type understanding. Fred offers different facets of this same over-all
body of wisdom.     For me, Chapters 3, 4, and 11 are Profound !!!

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